A killer on the loose

The Corona virus is indiscriminately spreading across our planet. Asia was first to be hit, Europe and the Americas followed, and now the pandemic has reached Africa.

A violent scenario lies ahead. With millions of citizens who lack protection and an already fragile medical infrastructure that cannot take a stand against this brutal enemy on its own, help is needed!

Medical teams in Africa
risk their lives while saving the lives of others from the Corona virus

   Do you?

International Red Cross
& Gift of the Givers

All contributions will be distributed by the International Red Cross and the Gift of the Givers throughout the African countries of operation in the most effective manner to support the medical staff saving people’s lives.

Our goal is to support the medical staff by providing essential safety supplies, the expansion of sanitation and disease-prevention programs, and the alleviation of the socio-economic impact of the outbreak through ensuring communities maintain access to vital services. It is crucial to provide support to the African states to detect COVID-19 early, isolate and treat cases, and trace contacts.

We Give To Care

Our goal is to raise € 2.500.000 throughout the African and European continents. Our first objective is reaching € 200.000 to start supporting the African medical professionals fighting Covid-19.

Gift of the Givers

All donations towards the Gift of the Givers foundation will be processed through the BackaBuddy platform.

Our African doctors, medical staff and especially our Intensive Care Units will be at the frontline in addressing the needs of those who do fall ill and in saving lives.

Supervision International Red Cross

The International Red Cross supports the national societies to increase their healthcare, community engagement, and pandemic preparedness activities for vulnerable populations. 

This is done through the provision of crucial medical supplies, sanitation expansions, and disease prevention programs.

Collaborative Community

weGIVEtoCARE is an initiative by Starters Station in cooperation with two entrepreneurs from Zimbabwe. Starters Station is a collective that strives for good business practices and an inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Our cooperative has extensive experience in crowdfunding with projects like the Ocean Cleanup, which raised over 2 million euros from 38.000 people across 160 countries. 

"The International Red Cross works with National Societies in responding to catastrophes around the world. Its relief operations are combined with development work, including disaster preparedness programmes, health and care activities, and the promotion of humanitarian values."

International Red Cross

“Such crises remind us, of our collective responsibility to one another as the human family. It’s important that we take care of each other.”

At FruitCon, our core business is improving economic livelihoods by enabling agricultural trade. We provide agribusiness consultancy and market linkages, to small and medium scale farmers and exporters all over the African continent. Through this campaign, we hope to give our brothers and sisters access to adequate health care.

Neville Mchina,
Commercial Director Fruitcon

"The aim of the campaign is to support high risk medical professionals in the front line dealing with infected patients and the patients themselves both through protective equipment, ventilators and other essential supplies in the quest to preserve life."

The Gift of the Givers Foundation is the largest disaster response non-governmental organization of African origin on the African continent. The essence of their presence is to bring hope and to restore dignity to the most vulnerable. Over the last 27 years, they have delivered over R2.1 billion in aid to 43 countries around the world, including South Africa.

Dr Imtiaz Sooliman,
Founder Gift of the Givers Foundation

'In times like this, we will regret the things we didn’t do for the rest of our lives'.

As entrepreneurial crowdfunding pioneers, we are ready for other entrepreneurs with advice and technology for the start and further development of your company or initiative.

Arthur van de Graaf,
Founder Get a Crowd

Former crowdfunding coordinator of The Ocean Cleanup. Together with Boyan Slat and his team he raised over € 2.000.000 from 38.000 people from 160 countries.

'Imagine a world that believes we are all one. One planet, one people, one purpose, for the benefit of all. We are in this together.'

At Starters Station we believe that we can solve societal challenges in an entrepreneurial manner.

Starters Station is where people that start doing, get into business. Where starters explore and discover what they really need, where ideas grow into concepts and validated concepts develop into sustainable businesses.”

Daniel de Bruin,
CEO of Starters Station

South African serial entrepreneur & startup ecosystem visionary.

"The African News Agency is excited to enter into a partnership with weGIVEtoCARE. We believe in journalism as an agent for social good, for impactful change, and this partnership represents another opportunity for us to exercise this. We also understand the narrative of Africa is often one of despair and lack, and we pride ourselves on telling African stories, through African voices, to help change that narrative."

As Africa's largest media syndication service, connecting more than 40 African media publishers across the continent, we are perfectly placed to tell Africa's story; a story of hope, a story of resilience, a story of innovation, a story of unity. We are proud to partner with weGIVEtoCARE to both share the African story, and amplify their message throughout our continent.

Lance Witten,
Chief Content Officer, ANA (African News Agency) Syndication

"We enjoy making dreams come true, whether it's providing clean energy or rebuilding homes after natural disasters. We believe in working together and coordinating experienced people to provide solutions to complex problems. Have a great love for Africa and the joy she brings."

Patrick Chella,
Co-founder Realty Africa

“Our reason-for-being at BackaBuddy is to enable communities of people to come together to do something positive. In the face of COVID-19, we want to help build a movement of people who support the doctors, nurses and medical staff treating those who fall ill. This pandemic is bigger than any ideology – we need to stand together as nations, private, corporations and governments to give us the best chance we have of containing the pandemic.”

We support the financially vulnerable in society through providing a global crowdfunding platform that connects people and causes. We bring the best of being human into the digital age.

Patrick Schofield,
CEO of Backabuddy

“I would like to leave a legacy I can be proud of. That in 50 years’ time, in that moment of truth, where I reflect back on my life, I can see a difference. That I have left the world a kinder place than I found it!”

The African Potential Foundation is a collective of passionate individuals from humanitarians, philanthropists, and anti-Apartheid era activists, to corporate funders, scientists, and financial experts who firmly believe in the potential of Africa. We believe that Africa has the ability to not only identify and solve her greatest challenges, but to innovate and stimulate economic growth through identifying and nurturing potential.

Dr Jenny Coetzee
Founder & Chairman of African Potential Foundation

Please spread the word,
and let the good news travel faster than this virus

   Do you?



Do you have a question about our project or do you want to contribute or work together in some way? Feel free to reach out! We're always looking for people to support this cause and our campaign.

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